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Lakers Announcer John Ireland On Possibility Of Kobe Bryant Documentary: "We Had A Film Crew Following Us Everywhere."

(via Los Angeles Daily News)

(via Los Angeles Daily News)

It's fair to say that MJ's "The Last Dance" documentary has been a huge hit so far. As it rakes in millions of viewers worldwide, the film has only sparked more conversations online as fans continue to talk, debate, and share their own thoughts about Mike.

The success of the doc has got many wondering what else we'll see in the next few months. Of course, the idea of a Kobe Bryant video has already surfaced online, and it has gotten massive support.

But how close is it to happening? According to what Lakers announcer John Ireland told ESPN, there's reason to believe it could happen.

“The lost years of Kobe’s career, we had a film crew following us everywhere. and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere,” he said. “Considering the tragic way Kobe’s life ended, all that has to come out one day.”

We all know it was a tragic helicopter crash that claimed the life of Kobe and nine other victims in Southern California. It was a moment that broke the heart of pretty much everyone in the NBA community.

Considering all that he accomplished in his NBA career, and his famous "Mamba mentality," Bryant has got one hell of a story and it sounds like it's one that may get told in video form eventually. If not, it's not like we need it anyway.

His memory lives on in the hearts and minds of all those who witnessed his extraordinary career.