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Lakers Assistant Coach On Anthony Davis: "When AD Really Understands Who He Is As A Player, He’s The Best Player In The League Hands Down."

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

Anthony Davis is one of the best power forwards in the game -- that much is a fact. In 8 years in the NBA, he's a 7x All-Star, 4xAll-NBA player, and 1x NBA Champion with career averages of 23.9 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks per game on 52% shooting.

He's clearly a beast on both needs of the floor.

According to Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy (in an appearance on the Basketball News podcast), however, Davis could easily be the best player in the game if he reaches his true potential.

“No disrespect to any other dudes in league. But when AD really understands who he is as a player, and what his skill set, what his true skill set is, he’s the best player in the league hands down.

Just because of his size, his ability to play inside, outside, he can handle the ball, he dominates on defense. He is a unicorn bro."

Indeed, Anthony Davis showed us all when he could do last season when he and LeBron led the Lakers to their 17th Championship. Whether it's shooting, ball handling, post-play, defense, or rebounding, Davis is a jack-of-all-trades who has an impact in almost every facet of the game.

Mix that with his size, and it's not hard to imagine AD being among the most elite players in the game. Some already think he's there.

Regardless, Davis will have to continue to emerge as a leader for the Lakers, especially as LeBron continues to age. Over the next few years, who knows where he'll be?

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