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Lakers Big Man Montrezl Harrell Takes A Shot At The Clippers: "We Play Basketball Over Here..."

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

Montrezl Harrell's switch from the Clippers to the Lakers was undoubtedly one of the biggest and most surprising free agent moves of the summer.

And while Trez hasn't outright explained his departure from the Clips, it is widely believed that the team let him go as part of their ongoing effort to reset the culture.

Whatever the case, Harrell seems to be enjoying his stint with the Purple and Gold a whole lot better, as evidenced by his most recent statement, in which he compared his current system to that of his previous teams...

“It’s really just being able to just play my game and just not being kind of told and sit on, ‘You always got to be this, this or this,’” he said. “It’s kind of been the system I’ve kind of been playing in for a while. It’s got to be threes, layups or let’s get free throws. But that’s not like that over here. They play to the style of everybody’s game and we’re not looking at anybody that, ‘You have to do this, you got to do that,’ man. We play basketball over here. It’s free-flowing game.”

Judging by Haarrell's words, the Lakers have a system where everyone can thrive without having to give up who they are on the court. Everyone plays with and for each other.

It's hard to tell how far the Clippers were from that environment, but their collapse in the playoffs last season is certainly telling, as is all the drama that circulated behind the scenes.

The hope for Clippers fans is that their team learned from those mistakes last year and will be able to maximize their potential in the 2021 campaign. But we'll see soon enough how that works out for them.