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Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Says Anthony Davis Is The Biggest Factor For The Los Angeles Lakers: "I’m Looking Forward To Him Having A Huge Year This Year."

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are going through some major changes this postseason. They sacked their championship-winning head coach Frank Vogel, and Darvin Ham was given the nod to fill his shoes for the upcoming season.

Although Ham has been an assistant coach for several teams in the past 11 seasons, this is his first gig as a head coach. Moreover, he has the job of coaching one of the most prestigious franchises in NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakers. Additionally, the Lakers already have three big-name players on the roster in LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

While LeBron is a phenomenal player, and he proved his worth yet again last season, Ham's major focus will be to get the best out of AD, and if Russ isn't traded, then from him.

It's not an easy task by any means for any NBA head coach, let alone a first-time head coach. But so far, Ham doesn't seem to be budged by managing three superstars in his first year as head coach.

In a recent interview, Ham was asked about his thoughts on Davis and what the 29-year-old's role will be next season. Ham believes AD will be the most important factor for the Purple and Gold in the 2022-23 NBA season.

Via Andscape:

"With AD, I would say he’s the biggest factor. I’m looking forward to him having a huge year this year. I know the way we’re going to play is going to benefit him. The way I’m going to take care of him, make sure we take care of him, it’s going to benefit him. That size, that skill set, that approach. What you saw in the bubble, we’re bringing that back. And again, we got to make sure we take care of him, meet all of his needs physically and make sure he’s in a good space mentally, spiritually, but he’s the factor. This s— ain’t going to work without AD being right."

Despite being one of the best players in his position, AD hasn't made much of an impact in the last two seasons. Of course, he has been sidelined for most of the last two seasons due to injuries, fans expect a lot from him.

The last time when he was actually fully healthy, the Lakers ended up winning an NBA Championship. Since then, the expectations of fans have only further increased from the 29-year-old.