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Lakers Coach Frank Vogel Gives Huge Compliment To Wizards: "They Play Like A 50-Win Team."

Lakers Coach Frank Vogel Gives Huge Compliment To Wizards- "They Play Like A 50-Win Team."

With a 27-34 record, the Washington Wizards aren't quite where they hoped they'd be.

Still, with Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal, and a passionate supporting cast, the Wiz are a team that might be better than their win-loss count reflects. And, if they make the playoffs, could end up being a real headache to their matchup.

In fact, ahead of their matchup against the Lakers on Wednesday, head coach Frank Vogel gave the Wizards a pretty impressive compliment.

"They play like a 50-win team."

Despite their slow start, the Wizards have won eight of their last 10 games and can even catch Boston for the 6th seed if they finish out strong.

No doubt, they've had plenty of naysayers this year, especially against their star duo. Whether it's trade rumors, doubts about their future, or the idea that Beal and Russ are overrated, the star pair have endured much over the past few months.

The hope is, however, that as the Wizards continue to get some time together on the floor, they can continue to develop their chemistry and get better on both ends of the floor.

Already, according to Vogel, they're doing something right. But it will take nothing short of a superstar effort to help this team finally reach their potential.