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Lakers Could Be Looking North For Their Next Star


The Lakers have LeBron James. Now what?

Magic Johnson and the LA front office made the biggest splash of the summer by signing The King, but they still have a lot of work to do if they want to compete with the likes of the Warriors. As awesome as the signings of JaVale, Stephenson, and Rondo was, those guys just aren't going to cut it by themselves.

Of course, there's Kawhi Leonard, who has long expressed his desire to become a Laker. So far, though, the Spurs are reluctant to give him up for cheap, putting the team in an uncomfortable spot going forward. But according to ESPN's Stephen A Smith (coupled with an interesting comment by Ramona Shelburne), the Lakers may have their sights on someone else: Damian Lillard.

Here's what Ramona Shelburne said regarding Lillard:

It should also be noted that Ramona's comment is slightly taken out of context, as she did state afterward that he's unlikely to be traded to LA, at least as of today.

Still, if the Lakers offer up a nice package, it might be hard for the team to refuse some young pieces and a chance to rebuild considering their recent early playoff exits.