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Lakers Fan Hilariously Asked Austin Reaves To Sign His Rice Cooker

Lakers Fan Hilariously Asked Austin Reaves To Sign His Rice Cooker

Austin Reaves has seen a tremendous rise in popularity since he entered the NBA. Reaves went undrafted in the 2021 NBA Draft and was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers to fill up a roster spot without having to spend too much money on any remaining free agent.

Since then, Reaves has become a reliable shooter and scorer for the Lakers who can come off the bench and provide valuable youth and speed to the team. And because of this, Reaves has become a very popular star among the Los Angeles Lakers' fanbase. In fact, one Laker fan had a very peculiar request for him.

Austin Reaves was doing an autograph signing recently. One Los Angeles Lakers fan brought his rice cooker to the signing and asked Reaves to sign it for him. Despite being slightly confused by the request, Reaves signed the cooker for the fan and granted his wish. 

While this was a hilarious moment, this is not all that random to see from NBA fans. One Golden State Warriors fan asked Klay Thompson to sign an autograph for him on his toaster. And much like Reaves, Klay was happy to fulfill this odd wish and even invited the fan to the Warriors' parade when they won the 2017 NBA championship.

Reaves has become a fan favorite in Los Angeles, much like Alex Caruso was during his stint in LA. Caruso, much like Reaves, was an undrafted star that the Los Angeles Lakers signed, and he became an integral part of their rotations and even helped the Lakers win the NBA championship in 2020.

Will Austin Reaves become as popular a star as Alex Caruso was for the Los Angeles Lakers? He is currently on the right track, and his performances have been truly great. His connection with LeBron James has been quite strong, and James even hilariously compared their relationship to that of Iron Man and Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.