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Lakers Fan: "Me Watching The Lakers Be Down Early Last Season vs. Me Watching The Lakers Be Down Early This Season."

(via @___Colb___)

(via @___Colb___)

Winning a Championship is probably the most gratifying moment any sports organization can achieve. Not only is it euphoric, but it also brings respect, legitimacy, and a permanent place in the history books.

As the 2020 NBA Champs, the Lakers are the latest team to experience those perks -- and we've already seen a slight shift in their behavior. They're walking with increased swagger and confidence, symptoms that usually stem from holding that Larry O'Brien trophy.

In fact, even fans are feeling a little different about things. As one Twitter user hilariously expressed, they are getting to enjoy a bit more peace about things in the 2020-21 campaign. The anxiety of watching his squad go down or struggle early on just isn't there like it was last year and the years before.

Last night, the Lakers didn't exactly get off on the right foot. They fell behind pretty early on and were never able to recover, losing the season opener in a pretty lopsided affair (116-109).

But, unlike last season, the Lakers community didn't freak out with overreactions. Instead, they stayed calm and poised, having been validated for their faith in the squad just months prior.

Indeed, winning a title really has a way of really settling the nerves...