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Lakers Fans Are Pissed After Lakers Lose To Warriors: "AD Needed To Take Over Tonight."

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Anthony Davis On Playing Without LeBron James: “It Sucks Not Having Him But It Gives Us A Chance To See What We Have Without Him."

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently lost to the Golden State Warriors. It seems as though this was a game that could have gotten the team back on track, but the Los Angeles Lakers lost in a nailbiter.

Despite the fact that LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time scoring record during the game, the Lakers were unable to pull out the win. James put up 26 points, 14 rebounds, and 8 assists during the game.

Lakers fans were mad after the loss, as the team really messed things up down the stretch of the game. Notably, LeBron James missed a crucial free throw at the end of the game to result in the loss.

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There is no question that this was a tough loss for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially since it was a historic night for LeBron James. They were close for a large portion of the game and even had the lead at certain points, but they simply weren't able to get the deal done.

It is hard to see positives for the Los Angeles Lakers currently. However, there are certainly avenues for the team to improve in the future. They have recently been linked with buyout candidate Goran Dragic, and if they are able to get him, it will certainly bolster their squad.

It is definitely hard to bounce back from a tough loss such as this. However, the Los Angeles Lakers are led by LeBron James, and perhaps they will be able to figure out a way to win going forward.

As of now though, the Los Angeles Lakers are still a play-in tier team, and if they aren't careful, they might not make the playoffs at all. Hopefully, we see them succeed in the future, but time is running out for the team to put it all together.