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Lakers Fans Beat Man Yelling 'F*** Kobe' Amid Title Celebrations

Lakers Fans Beat Man Yelling 'F*** Kobe' Amid Title Celebrations

There are few things as sacred in Los Angeles as Kobe Bryant's name and some people don't seem to understand that. One person learned the hard way that Kobe should be respected in the city of Los Angeles, especially when you are surrounded by a lot of Lakers fans. Following their victory over the Miami Heat on Sunday night to clinch their 17th NBA championship, plenty of Lakers fans flooded the streets nearby Staples Center to celebrate their victory.

Obviously, they were chanting 'Kobe,' remembering one of their biggest idols who lost his life last January 26. At that moment, one person thought it was a good idea to curse Kobe's name, in the middle of those people who worship the Black Mamba. This guy allegedly screamed out “f–k Kobe” and was quickly taken down to the ground, while some fans kicked and punched him for disrespecting Kobe.

He really made people angry, as somebody even threw a scooter at him. Things escalated really quickly for him before some people came to help and separate the attackers from the man. It was an unfortunate situation that could be avoided. This is not what the game is about and this is not what Kobe was about. Yet, if this person expected to yell these things and get away with it, they were very wrong.

Kobe was already sacred in Los Angeles and after his death, things got another dimension. Don't disrespect the Mamba, even less in front of diehard Lakers fans.