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Lakers Fans Joke: "The Only Way For Anthony Davis To Play Without My Anxiety Kicking In."

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With their title hopes still very much alive, the L.A. Lakers are going to need their stars healthy and ready to go for the remainder of the postseason.

Unfortunately, the health of Anthony Davis has been compromised, and his availability going forward remains a huge question mark.

Amid the news of AD's injury troubles, Lakers fans expressed some of their thoughts on Twitter, and some even joked that the guy must be protected at all costs.

We all just want to see Anthony Davis stay healthy. Since his career began, he's been plagued by injuries that have limited his games on the court.

Last season was a bit of an anomaly for him, in that he was able to stay healthy through his team's entire title run.

Now, it seems that's not the case, and Davis is likely to miss a whole game or two in this series.

Going forward, it will be hard for the Purple and Gold to repeat without him. He provides important rim protection and valuable offense for the team. Considering LeBron James is also not 100%, it stands to reason that the Lakers have a lot to worry about, and the odds are stacked against them.

Still, don't count them out just yet...