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Lakers Fans React After Andre Drummond Suffers Brutal Toe Injury In His First Game With The Team

(via THE NBA Hustle Basketball)

(via THE NBA Hustle Basketball)

With both Anthony Davis and LeBron James out with injury, Andre Drummond's debut was a welcome sight for Lakers fans, who knew their team was in desperate need of a push.

He played 14 minutes of action, posting 4 points, 1 rebound, and 1 block. Unfortunately, before he had the chance to do more, he was taken out with an apart toe injury that had him heading to the locker room before the start of the quarter.

Right away, Lakers fans reacted to the news, adding Drummond's latest and unfortunate situation to the list of their other grievances...

The good news for Laker Nation is that it appears Dre has suffered a contusion, a very minor injury that might not even see him miss more time.

So, Drummond will have another go at it later in the week. Hopefully, his sophomore game goes a little better than this one did...