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Lakers Fans Rejoice As Jimmy Butler Is Spotted With Purple And Gold Sneakers

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

Though Jimmy Butler is not the highest valued free agent on the market this summer, there will be teams lining up for his services in July. Among them will be the Lakers, whose optimism this summer has been drained due to poor publicity, poor decision making, and a general feeling of the team having no clue what they are doing.

Still, to even the biggest skeptics, the Lakers have a good shot with Butler. His desire fit with LeBron James and attraction towards the bright lights make L.A. an optimal destination for him, provided the Sixers let him go.

Today, he only fed the flame of those talks.

The four-time All-Star posted an Instagram story where he could be seen rocking a Nike Air Force 1 with the purple and gold colorway, seemingly teasing about the possibility of joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are likely to strike out on most of the other top talents available. Their best bet for improvement will come from luring in Butler and making a trade for Anthony Davis. It will be a tall task to complete, but if Butler's hints are any indication of what is to come, better times are surely coming for the purple and gold.