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Lakers Fans Roast Jason Williams For Saying Kobe Bryant Isn't Top 5 In Lakers History: "Nobody Cares What Jason Williams Has To Say."

Lakers Fans Roast Jason Williams For Saying Kobe Bryant Isn't Top 5 In Lakers History: "Nobody Cares What Jason Williams Has To Say."

Kobe Bryant is synonymous with the Los Angeles Lakers, there are very few players in the history of the game that has the kind of association with one franchise that Kobe did. Kobe was the face of the franchise for well over a decade following Shaquille O'Neal's departure in the early 2000s following their three-peat and led the organization to two more NBA titles. 

So it was quite ridiculous of former Sacramento Kings man Jason Williams to suggest that Bryant isn't one of the Top 5 Lakers of all time. Sure, the Lakers have a lot of legends thanks to being one of the NBA's most successful franchises but very few of them contributed to as much success as Kobe did during his career. Regardless, Williams said Bryant isn't too high on his list of best players in the history of the game and the franchise

This obviously led to severe backlash from fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, who took it as disrespect for the Mamba, which is sort of is. Barring Magic Johnson, perhaps no other player was as important to the organization as Kobe was during his playing days and fans on Twitter were quick to point that out to Williams.

Nelly: "Kobe not being top 10 is one thing but saying he’s not a top 5 Laker is INSANE."

Triss B Giving: "After 22 year old Kobe gave Jason Williams team a 48 and 16 McNugget with no drink. Get that hate out yo heart."

Brandon: "Sacramento players still salty cause Kobe said Mike Bibby made them better, white chocolate not happy."

Young King: "The level of disrespect that came out of his mouth tf."

TR Hendrix: "Kobe not too 10???? Not even a top 5 laker???? Kobe the most disrespected basketball player ever."

Doozy: "Love Jason Williams, but man clearly drunk with this one."

Garrett: "JWill still mad Kobe hit him and Bobby Jackson with a Shammgod after the whistle and made them run into each other."

RRthefan: "Kareem, Magic, maybe Shaq… who else can you even debate? Dude won 5 rings for LAL, 2 as the clear best player, and made the Finals 7 times. He was a top 1-5 player in the world for over a decade in that jersey. Played 20 seasons…"

Danny: "Magic Johnson literally said Kobe was the Greatest Laker of All Time. Nobody cares what Jason Williams has to say."

Considering that any time Kobe Bryant had a good team around him, he ended up being instrumental to a championship, this take does feel like it's a bit ridiculous. Bryant was an extremely important part of almost all the modern success the team has enjoyed and his scoring ability, passion and loyalty most definitely make him one of the best to ever wear the Purple and Gold.