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Lakers Fans Trash Los Angeles Clippers On Rajon Rondo's Vacation Pics: "You Can't Experience This And Then Go Play For The Los Angeles Clippers."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Rajon Rondo is living his best life after winning his second NBA championship, becoming the only player in history to win a championship with both the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. Rondo has earned the respect of everybody after this season, especially Lakers fans, who don't want him to go play with their city rivals, Los Angeles Clippers. It's been reported that the Clippers are interested in Rajon and they would make a push for him in the offseason.

Well, it seems like the Lakers fans started some sort of campaign to prevent Rondo from joining the Clips, flooding social media with many comments about this potential move. Recently, somebody commented on a vacation picture of Rondo and his wife, with the pair enjoying themselves in the sea.

'You can’t experience this and then go play for the Los Angeles Clippers," this person said, claiming that the Clippers don't live the same level that Lakers players.

More people joined the conversation, talking about Rondo's impending free agency and the possibility that he will leave the Lakers to join the Clips, mocking the latter for their recent fiascos in the postseason.

He has won two championships, is a respected player around the league and now is time for him to make the bank. It's unclear where he will play next, but Rondo earned that right to pick his next team without anybody criticizing him for that decision.