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Lakers Fans Were Angry At Bad Loss To Timberwolves: "IT Really Had More Of An Impact Than LeBron."

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The theme for the Los Angeles Lakers all season has been their inconsistency. They've looked really good in some games, but extremely subpar in others. It seems as though today the Lakers had one of the aforementioned "subpar" games.

The Minnesota Timberwolves ended up blowing out the Los Angeles Lakers 110-92, with a 28 point performance from Karl-Anthony Towns. One would expect the Los Angeles Lakers to win this matchup due to the amount of star power on the roster, but that simply did not end up being the case.

A lot of Los Angeles Lakers fans were extremely unhappy with the loss. A lot of people viewed this as an easy matchup for the team, so it is obviously disappointing to walk away with a blowout loss. Some fans lauded Isaiah Thomas for performing well unlike the rest of the team.

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Despite all of the negative things that happened for the Los Angeles Lakers, there were certainly some positives. As mentioned previously, new signing Isaiah Thomas brought some offensive energy to the Lakers' bench and provided 19 points along with 2 rebounds and 1 assist. He even notched a block. While he's currently on a 10-day contract, there is a chance that the Lakers elect to sign him in the future.

With that being said, this was certainly an embarrassing loss for the Lakers, and they desperately need to figure things out before the playoffs. They haven't managed to gel whatsoever, and many have previously criticized their defensive effort. There's no doubt that there are some issues with the team, and one wouldn't be surprised to see them make a trade later on in the season. 

Any team led by LeBron James does have a chance to win it all though, as he is still widely viewed as one of the best players in the game. Some have even suggested that this team would have the same chance to win a championship as other LeBron-led teams from the past. There's definitely a lot of work ahead for the team though, especially if they retain this exact roster.