Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Posts Cryptic And Mysterious Tweet Hinting At Free Agency Moves

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The Los Angeles Lakers are set to be major players this upcoming free agency period, with a ton of contracts coming off the books, freeing up a large porting of their cap space to pursue pretty much whichever free agent they desire this summer.

And with the upcoming free agent class this offseason boasting some major names, including none other than LeBron James, Laker fans are drooling at the prospect of having not only one All-Star on the roster next season, but potentially two if they play their cards right.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has been active on Twitter recently, and posted an extremely puzzling tweet that has everybody speculating what on Earth she could be on about.

Buss could literally be talking about anything with this tweet, but given all the rumors and speculation circulating around the Lakers organization lately, a vague tweet such as this has to be referencing the Lakers plans this free agency. Why else would the owner of the team post something up to so much interpretation otherwise?

Maybe Jeanie is telling the rest of the NBA world to not underestimate the Lakers' chances of signing LeBron James this offseason, as well as perhaps Paul George, both of which who have been linked to Los Angeles in recent weeks?

There's only one way of finding out what Buss may have meant with this tweet, and that's to wait until July 1st, when NBA free agency officially kicks off.