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Lakers Players Were Bothered Because Of LeBron James' Body Language After Russell Westbrook's Poor Plays: "James' Shoulders Would Slump And His Head Would Hang After Botched Opportunities To Score Or Defend."

Since LeBron James Signed With The Lakers, They Have Traded 21 Players And 10 Picks For Just 3 Players And 3 Second Round Picks

LeBron James is done for this season, his Los Angeles Lakers didn't qualify for the postseason, and the franchise has to now focus on how they can get better moving forward and ensure that they don't have the same issues they did this year again. A big factor in their future will be the fate of Russell Westbrook, who LeBron James spoke about loving as a teammate in his exit interview on Monday. 

However, things haven't been as great between the two as Westbrook himself pointed out, suggesting that Bron and Anthony Davis didn't exactly let him be himself on the court. And LBJ's body language throughout the season showed exactly what he thought of Russell's play and the Lakers' general play at times, whether it be asking to be subbed against the Timberwolves, or having an angry outburst against the Raptors.

His teammates picked up on LeBron's bad body language, with a report in the Los Angeles Times suggesting that players on the roster were bothered by the way the best player on the team was acting on the court. It was reportedly extra apparent following a poor play by Westbrook, who had many poor defensive possessions and turnovers on the other end this season. 

"Midway through the season, players began to notice James’ body language after poor Westbrook play, an on-court sign of recognition that his and the Lakers’ plan wasn’t going to work. Some Lakers players were bothered by how regularly James’ shoulders would slump and how his head would hang after botched opportunities to score or defend."

Any team looks to its leader in tough times and considering some of the horrible showings the Lakers had this season, LeBron James would have been expected to rally his teammates, considering his ability and vast experience. It stands to reason that his body language has come into question, and even if the roster improves next season, LeBron James also needs to take responsibility as a leader again if the Lakers are to win another championship.