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Lakers President Magic Johnson Makes A Bold Declaration


Since Magic Johnson took the reigns a year and a half ago, the Los Angeles Lakers have something to fear in the Western Conference. Although their roster is young and inexperienced, their glitz, their glamour, and their magic (no pun intended) have resurfaced. The team once again finds themselves at the center of the basketball world.

Now, the only thing left to do is turn that roster of young, inexperienced pieces into a roster of superstars, either by trade or by free-agent signings. At this point, it should be easy for the Lakers, who have cap room, tradeable assets, and an assembly of brilliant minds in the front office. For these same reasons, though, the pressure has never been higher for the Lakeshow to snag a star, a fact that Magic Johnson himself recognized, so much so that he is willing to step aside if he fails to get it done.

Magic just gave himself a two-year timetable to bring a star to Los Angeles. If he fails, he said himself he'll step down.

Something about his confidence, though, says he knows something we don't in regards to stars possibly coming to LA. We'll find out soon enough.