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Lakers Rumors: LeBron James Wants A Coaching Change


The status of Luke Walton's job has been called into question since the first hours after LeBron James joined the Lakers.

See, Walton was a hire made by a different team during a different time. When he was hired, his job was to develop the young guys. Now, with LeBron, the Lakers are expected to make a lot of noise, and most don't think he can keep up.

It seems even LeBron himself has given up on Luke Walton and has apparently expressed his desire for a change.

(via Jackie MacMullan on Hoop Collective podcast)

Lebron and his inner made it known to the Lakers that they would prefer a coaching change.

The team has reached a new low this season. As they struggle to hover above .500 with LeBron on the bench, they are realizing just how bad they really are. Ingram is failing to step up. Kuzma is failing to step up. Luke Walton is failing to prove he can make successful adjustments without his best player.

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We don't know what comes next for L.A. They have a number of decisions to make for the future. Whether or not Luke Walton is even a part of that future is one of them.