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Lakers Rumors: LeBron Wants Melo


Not all of the Lakers' signings this summer panned out how they planned.

Michael Beasley hasn't seen a whole lot of time on the court this season. Most of it has been injury, and the veteran scorer has yet to catch up from all the missed time.

To replace him, the Lakers might be looking towards the free-agent market, where a desperate and impatient Carmelo Anthony waits for his shiny new contract.

Actually, it's more LeBron James than the Lakers.

A report from Joe Vardon of The Athletic revealed the details.

"LeBron James would like to get Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles with him on the Lakers, a league source told The Athletic.

... But James and his camp still believe Anthony can play, that there could be a place for him as a contributor on a Lakers' team that is young and continues to battle injuries. Brandon Ingram is the latest casualty. His sprained left ankle will keep him for at least the next two games.

And, broadly speaking, James does not want to see Anthony's career end either with the Houston divorce or the 10-time All-Star playing out the string in this season in a market where he doesn't want to be."

A banana-boat reunion could be in store if LeBron is serious about bringing on Melo.

Of course, there's a number of reasons to hesitate in that regard. Carmelo is 34 years old, doesn't play a whole lot of defense, and is largely inefficient on offense.

Still, if he finally learns to accept his role and adapt his game, he might provide some use for the surging L.A. team.

If the injuries continue, and the former 10x All-Star stays available, it'll be interesting to see if the team gives him a call. While it would be nice to see James and Melo take the court together, we said something similar before he went to Houston and joined up with Chris Paul.

And we all saw how that went.