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Lakers Rumors: Luke Walton "Doesn't Fit Mold" Of What Kind Of Coach Magic Johnson Is Looking For


There has long been speculation that Luke Walton's job has been in jeopardy since Magic and Rob first took over a few seasons ago.

Today, yet another report is adding some validity to that speculation.

“Since Magic has taken over, they had been hoping to get their own coach in at some point. We saw it play out in the meeting they had earlier in the year where Magic really went after Luke,” Wojnarowski said in a chat with Zach Lowe on the Woj and Lowe podcast.

“If they’re going to be able to go to [Lakers owner] Jeanie Buss and sell her on replacing Luke Walton, they better be trying to do it off a season where they missed the playoffs or off of a long losing streak. Because she has been fiercely loyal to Luke Walton.”

“Magic’s view of a coach remains Pat Riley. The fiery, old-school [type of personality]. That’s his view. Luke Walton doesn’t fit the mold of what he sees in a head coach.”

What Woj was referring to here is the meeting Magic Johnson held with Luke in the very beginning of the season. The problems of the then-struggling Lakers were all being blamed on Walton, who was essentially threatened to get the team in better standing.

While it appears he's done that, his job isn't completely safe. Luke was not the guy Magic picked and was part of a hire by the Mitch Kupchak regime. The old-school established veteran coaching style this new Lakers front-office seems to want is something Walton is not. Jeanie might be the only reason he's even still there.

Nevertheless, it'll be up to Walton to keep his job. So long as the Lakers continue to perform, they have no reason to let him go. But if things start going downhill, don't be surprised to see the team look in a new direction.