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Lakers Update: Rajon Rondo Did Not Address Team About Fight, But Says They Respect Him Anyway


Rajon Rondo said this to the media in the first public appearance following the great Houston/L.A. brawl:

"It's best for me not to talk about the situation. It is what it is. You guys see I have three games. I look forward to getting back and helping my team this weekend."

“Everybody knows who I am ... I think they still respect me for what I do and what I bring to this team.” When asked what started it, he said, “Basketball. The game.”

Something had been brewing all day, and everything came to a head in the fourth when Rondo was caught spitting on CP3, which lead to a shove and then an exchange of punches.

All three players involved were given suspensions, including young Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram who, interestingly enough, told us that he apologized to his teammates regarding the whole situation.

So for Rondo to not address the situation in the locker room at all doesn't quite make sense. As the point guard and veteran for the team, he should be looked at as a leader and role model. And we've seen in the past that with guys such as these, not addressing this kind of issue can create some serious tension.

Who knows, maybe the Lakers will rally around the toughness both Rondo and Ingram showed that night. Nonetheless, it says a lot that Rondo isn't really responding to this situation. Whether that's good or bad, well, we'll find that out later, won't we?