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Lakers Will Be Tested After Four Nets Players Come Back Positive For Coronavirus



The NBA's worst fears have come true.

After testing positive for Coronavirus last week, the league suspended all play with the hopes of preventing further spread throughout the NBA. Unfortunately, as The Stadium's Shams Charnia reported earlier today, four players on the Brooklyn Nets, including superstar Kevin Durant are also confirmed to have the virus.

So, the chain reaction begins. The league will test and screen the Lakers, who played the Nets on March 10th -- just days before the official postponement.

If anybody on the Lakers comes back positive, the NBA will then have to trickle down to test other teams who have had contact with them over the past 14 days.

It just goes to show that the league made the right decision in shutting things down, even if it will result in some costly consequences. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are enduring this pandemic, and those who are on the front-lines combatting it.