"Lakers Without AD: 2019 Lakers. Lakers Without LeBron: The Pelicans," Says NBA Fan

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(via SportsRush)

(via SportsRush)

The Los Angeles Lakers aren't going through the best moment right now after losing Anthony Davis with an injury. The big man is the second-best player on the roster and his absence has taken a toll on the team's recent performances. The Lakers are struggling to win in recent games and that has fans worried.

Still, as long as they have LeBron James, they will have a chance to compete. James can lead this team to get wins while AD is out but not everybody believes Davis could do the same without LeBron James by his side. One NBA fan took to Twitter to express his opinion on these hypothetical situations, sparking a big debate around the NBA community. Rapper Freddie Gibbs made the case for LeBron, comparing the Lakers without him to the Lakers without Davis.

Some fans agreed to that statement while others defended the Lakers and others even proposed new options for this comparison.

The Lakers need to find their touch again without Anthony Davis. The player isn't returning for the next three weeks and they need to start the second half of the season the best way.

AD seems to be more important to this team than most people wanted to believe and this stretch of the Lakers is the prime sample of that.