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Los Angeles Lakers Won The First Championships Of The Last Two Decades, And They Can Do It Again

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Los Angeles Lakers have a long and rich history of success. With Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Kobe, and now LeBron, they have always had stars to lead them to glory.

And although the team has suffered a long playoff drought, they have the chance to make history again.

After winning the first Championships of the last two decades, the team is on track to win another behind the combined forces of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

For some reason, the Lakers are always dominating when a new decade begins. In 2000, they won with Shaq and Kobe as part of a miraculous 3-peat that etched their names in history. In 2010, Kobe led his team to a second-straight title after they beat the Boston Celtics in 7 games.

If the Lakers are able to close out this season with a Championship victory, it would mark the third-straight decade in which the Lakers have started out on top.

Of course, this all plays into the majestic and glamorous culture that the team has built of the years. Their history of winning is unlike anything we've ever seen.

LeBron and Anthony Davis are hoping to add their own chapter to the book.