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LaMarcus Aldridge: "I Can't Get Past How Bad I Was Defensively."

(via NewsOpener)

(via NewsOpener)

LaMarcus Aldridge's arrival to Brooklyn was a bit controversial, to say the least. Joining a star-studded cast that includes Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Joe Harris, and Blake Griffin, many fans were put off by Aldridge electing to take the easy way out and essentially "coast" to a title.

And while the Nets are still, far and away, the favorites to take home the crown, Aldridge got very candid in his recent performance against the Lakers on Saturday, calling himself out for his extremely lackluster defense.

Fans, taking pleasure in Brooklyn's defeat, weren't exactly taking it easy on him, either...

Of course, this is to be expected in scenarios like this, and it's better if both Aldridge and the Nets get used to their new reality now.

They're the villains, and LaMarcus is going to continue getting heat from fans unless he steps up and shows them what he can do on defense.