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LaMarcus Aldridge Takes Shot At Young And Lazy Players: "If You Don’t Enjoy Putting In Work... Something Is Wrong With You. That’s The Difference In Playing 2 Years In The League And 10+ Years."

(via Air Alamo)

(via Air Alamo)

Often, the best NBA players are the ones who work the hardest. To achieve true mastery of the game, and enjoy a long and effective career in the league, one has to constantly work, adapt, and hone in on their skills.

Still, it's too often that we see or hear about guys who just don't have the work ethic that is so often taken for granted. On Twitter, Spurs star LaMarcus Aldridge spoke on the importance of putting in the effort and took a shot at those who don't enjoy the grind.

Naturally, fans assumed he was speaking about someone in particular, but he quickly shot down the idea...

Guys like Jordan and Kobe provided the perfect example of the type of attitude that is required to succeed at the NBA level. They believed in hard work and were passionate about the game of basketball.

Today, the same can be said for guys like LeBron, Giannis, Curry, and other top players.

If only it were something everybody had in common, but it seems to be a trend that, according to some, is losing popularity as the new basketball age shifts away from the hard-nosed ideals of the past. Could Aldridge the last of a dying breed?