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LaMelo Ball Gets An Incredible $20 Million Mansion In Los Angeles

LaMelo Ball Gets An Incredible $20 Million Mansion In Los Angeles

LaMelo Ball is one of the most exciting young players that the league has to offer. Since being drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, Ball has continued to improve his all-around game, winning Rookie of the Year in 2020-21 before making it to the All-Star game last season. And as such, Ball is coveted by companies thanks to him being a very marketable and exciting young NBA star. 

LaMelo signed a deal that was reportedly worth $100 million with Puma when he entered the league as the 3rd overall pick in the draft and some consider him to potentially be the next face of the NBA. And while he does ply his trade in Charlotte, for now, Ball recently acquired an amazing mansion for himself out in Los Angeles. Supposedly worth $20 million, the mansion is incredible and has all the amenities and luxuries most people can only dream of. 

The multi-story house is filled with amazing design and decor, with plenty of epic rooms, including a theater room, a cigar lounge, and a classy bar. The house has indoor and outdoor gyms, a swanky pool, as well as a garage for a bunch of LaMelo's amazing cars. It is a ridiculously decked-out crib, showing that LaMelo is quite serious about the way he likes to live his life. 

There will be those that ask why a 20-year-old athlete would need a house like this, but it's nothing that any person wouldn't get for themselves if they had the means to make it happen. An 8-bedroom, 11-bathroom house may seem excessive, but the rules are different when you have $100 million in your bank account and potentially multiple max contracts in your future. 

LaMelo will know that all this is a result of being able to perform at the highest level, though, and the priority will be to take another leap next season. He is on the cusp of superstardom and the Hornets have been so close to making the playoffs that if he can continue to improve, things will start looking even better for him going forward.