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LaMelo Ball Got A Billboard Welcoming Him To Ohio

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Just when you think the Ball family has finished making noise, LaMelo goes and starts making news again.

Of course, it's just the kind of ridiculousness you'd expect from anything relating to him too.

As the report broke a few days ago, LaMelo Ball — the youngest of the Ball brothers — is returning to the States to play for an Ohio high school team following a failed professional career overseas. With hopes of making it to the NBA, it became clear that he's just better off in school.

Anyway, upon his return to the states, the city of Cleveland erected a billboard welcoming him "home."

Once, this city was plastering billboards of LeBron James all throughout the city. Because of his departure, looks like they've resorted to this.

Without playing even a single game in the NBA, or college, LaMelo has got some more publicity than some pro-players will see in their lifetime. They better hope he lives up to it, or they are gonna look like fools... but perhaps it's already too late for that, huh?