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LaMelo Ball Says He Wanted To Switch His Jersey To #1 Since He Got Drafted "How I Miss But Been Tellin Em Since I Got Drafted"

LaMelo Ball Says He Wanted To Switch His Jersey To #1 Since He Got Drafted "How I Miss But Tellin Em Since I Got Drafted"

(via Hoops Habit)

LaMelo Ball had one of the more sensational rookie seasons in recent memory. After going number three overall to the Charlotte Hornets, Ball began to repay Michael Jordan's faith in him by outshining all the rookies in the league immediately. Under Ball's dynamic offensive leadership, the Hornets immediately became a much more exciting team and started to turn some real heads in the East. 

Through the season, the Hornets looked like a solid team to be able to make it into the playoffs. And when LaMelo got injured, those hopes got severely dashed. But they were able to hold on to a play-in game spot by the time Ball returned. But he didn't have enough time to find his earlier groove, as the Hornets missed out on the playoffs.

Despite them missing the playoffs, it is clear that Ball is the future of the Hornets franchise, and they are using him as the centerpiece to build around. But despite him being a crucial part of the franchise, he still can't get the Hornets to give him the jersey number he wants.

LaMelo Ball took to Twitter to respond to an update about his jersey situation. In the Tweet, it was reported that LaMelo wanted to switch his jersey to #1, but missed the deadline for it. In his response, LaMelo revealed that he has been trying to get his hands on the #1 jersey since before he got drafted, but hasn't had any luck. When he first arrived in Charlotte, Malik Monk had his hands on that number. But now that Monk has joined the Lakers, that #1 jersey should have been available. Hopefully, Ball can eventually get his hands on that jersey.

"how i miss but been tellin em since i got drafted lol" 

Despite missing a lot of time, LaMelo was named the NBA Rookie Of The Year ahead of players like Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton. The immediate impact he made and how he helped elevate the Hornets' game just could not be ignored. Even Michael Jordan admitted after drafting LaMelo that the player is surpassing expectations. So clearly, the ceiling is very high for Ball in this league, and he could be a future superstar.