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LaMelo Ball To Win Rookie Of The Year Award, Say NBA GMs

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via DraftKings Nation

via DraftKings Nation

LaMelo Ball is a popular yet polarizing prospect, just like his brother Lonzo Ball. Some look at the passing highlights, the no-look dimes, and the sheer swagger of LaMelo Ball, and say that there is no way that this player could be a bust. Others point to the horrible efficiency numbers in the NBL and wonder what will happen in a tougher league if his numbers were already not so great.

There are many reasons why LaMelo Ball could succeed in the NBA. After all, playing an unselfish style is usually loved by coaches, and Ball's massive confidence could be a boon. LaMelo Ball is not afraid of the league and is determined to prove that he belongs. The results of the 2020-2021 GM survey seem to show immense confidence in the young rookie.

The results of the survey indicate that LaMelo Ball is favored by many GMs in the league to win the Rookie Of The Year award. There are a lot of factors that benefit Ball on that end; for example, he's on a rebuilding team where he is sure to get a lot of touches and develop his passing game at the NBA level. He also has solid teammates, but not ones that will dominate the ball like Gordon Hayward and Devonte' Graham. Essentially LaMelo Ball has the talent and the circumstances to become what he is supposed to.

There have been many hyped players who have ended up to be massive busts. Maybe LaMelo Ball will never be an All-Star. But as of now, we can hope for the best for his career, and remind ourselves that he has all the tools to play well in the NBA.