LaMelo Ball Trolls Lonzo Over Their Draft Day Selections: "It Didn't Really Matter What Pick I Went"

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LaMelo Ball Trolls Lonzo Over Their Draft Day Selections: "It Didn't Really Matter What Pick I Went"

LaMelo Ball was a standout during his first season in the NBA. After initial reports suggested that his stock had fallen as a top prospect, the Charlotte Hornets took a chance on Ball. And he repaid their confidence in him with some excellent performances. Ball was critical in getting the Hornets in a play-in position. For his performances, he was able to win the NBA Rookie Of The Year award. For many fans, they initially feared that he would struggle in his first season like his brother Lonzo. 

Lonzo was drafted number two overall in the 2017 NBA Draft by Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic had high praise for him when he first came but failed to deliver. It appeared that Lonzo crumbled under the weight of all the expectations that were put on him. So naturally, fans expected LaMelo to perform along the same trajectory. But that didn't happen. In fact, their approaches to Draft Day were the first indication of how the two would perform in their first seasons.

In an interview with their mother Tina and both Lonzo and LaMelo Ball, the three were asked who was the more nervous on Draft Day between the two brothers. Tina revealed that Lonzo was more nervous than LaMelo on the night, to which Lonzo had an apt response. He asked how could he be more nervous he was selected higher. But LaMelo was quick to explain that his Draft Day happened at home, because of the restrictions brought about by COVID-19. Therefore, he was a lot more relaxed. 

Lonzo: "How was I more nervous if I went higher than him? 

LaMelo: "I was at the crib chillin'. It really didn't matter what pick I went."

LaMelo can claim that he was more relaxed because he got to spend Draft Day at his own home, an environment he was so familiar with. Whereas Lonzo was in an arena with thousands of people in attendance. So it is only natural that he was the more nervous of the two. But it also served as an indicator of how their first seasons would go.