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Lance Stephenson Issues Comment On Saturday's Fight Night

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

This story is almost over, I promise.

But how can we cover the entirety of the big Lakers/Rockets brawl without hearing a single word from Lance? After all, the guy was literally right there and even attempted to pull Brandon Ingram away from the incident as it was happening. Fair to say he failed in that mission, but he did say something after the game that gave us all some satisfaction.

"A lot of stuff provoked us. They was picking on Brandon. That's why I tried to grab him as quickly as possible and tell him, 'Hey, don't fall for the trick!' *SIGH* Guess we fell for it..."

Yeah... clearly Ingram fell for the trap there, as did the rest of the team.

Though, maybe some good can be taken from all of this.

When the Lakers were put together this offseason, much noise was made about their assemblage of parts. How would they fit together? Why did they sign a bunch of guys who can't shoot? Questions like that rose at the team's expense, and nobody really had an answer.

But maybe these guys were signed for their attitude. Their roster will not be intimidated without a fight, they will stand up for their teammates, and they will not take being bullied.

We saw a little but of that on Saturday night... and we'll probably see a lot more going forward. So yeah, the Lakers may be easily provoked... but you can bet they'll always be barking back.