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Larry Nance Jr. Destroys Scout Who Called Colin Sexton An A**hole: "Whoever Said This Is a Moron..."

Larry Nance Jr. Destroys GM Who Called Colin Sexton An A**hole: "Whoever Said This Is a Moron..."

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a bright future ahead of them, but it doesn't mean their young star Collin Sexton is immune from the court of public opinion.

Recently, the point guard fell victim to a verbal assault by an anonymous NBA scout, who called the guy a "backup" and an "a**hole" in a particularly nasty rant.

“I think Collin Sexton is a backup and an a**hole. None of his teammates like him. I like (Darius) Garland. I actually like Garland. I think he plays hard. He puts pressure on you because he can shoot, he can pass, and he’s a much more willing passer. He’s not out there trying to f**k get his stats and go home in the same way that Sexton is. I don’t think they can play those two small guards together and get a ton out of them.”

The wordage is quite extreme, especially because Sexton is still just 22-years-old.

It did not take long for people to stick up for the Cavs star, and it's clear that many in the community disagree with the nameless scout's assessment.

Among the loudest voices was Sexton's former teammate, Larry Nance Jr., who went so far as to call the individual a "moron."

"Whoever said this is a moron with zero knowledge of anything going on in Cleveland," Nance tweeted. "I'd hide behind anonymity too if I was this bad at my job."

No matter how you feel about this whole situation, Nance did the right thing by sticking up for his former teammate.

Not only does it demonstrate loyalty, but it's also a reflection on what kind of teammate Nance is.

As for Sexton, he has yet to comment on the statement made in the article, and he's probably not going to. Instead, he's going to let his game do the talking as he looks to lead Cleveland to new heights in the East.