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Larry Nance Jr. Obliterates Channing Frye In Epic Comeback



Having your name submerged in trade rumors is an inevitability for every NBA player. Young or old, big or small, it's rare that a guy doesn't find himself mentioned in some kind of trade whisper.

But for Cavs youngster Larry Nance Jr., he's being bombarded with noise, as rumors of his availability continue to heat up.

In order to make sense of things, and put a funny little twist on his situation, Nance made a joke on Twitter, calling out all those who keep putting him in their "mock trades." Eventually, though, Nance turned it into one of the biggest social media wins of the day.

It was after that league big man Channing Frye issued a hilariously harsh response, citing that Nance isn't worth giving up two broken shoelaces and a booger.

Here's where the best part comes in: Larry's retort. For those that don't remember, Nance was (ironically) traded for Frye and a first-round pick in 2018. So, in a way, Channing Frye roasted himself on Twitter -- for all the world to see.

Nance went viral for the whole thing, and it really was a pretty epic exchange. Of course, it didn't do much to quell the rumors.

At this point, it's hard to say where Nance will end up by the end of the season. Regardless of what happens, though, he's making the best of his situation.