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LaVar Ball Doesn't Want Duke Star For Big Baller Brand: "My Boys Are Bigger Than Zion"


One of the biggest names in the basketball world right now is one that is yet to enter the NBA, Zion Williamson. The very young Duke star is highly predicted to be the first pick in the next NBA Draft and is expected to have a massive impact once in the game.

However, not everyone is sold on Zion Williamson, LaVar Ball is not keen on having the Duke big man joining his brand. It’s very odd considering every other single shoe manufacturing company will be chasing him once he becomes pro due to Williamson’s Nike PG 2.5 was destroyed early in a match against North Carolina.

This would be a perfect opportunity for LaVar Ball to help put his Big Baller Brand on the map to sign what should be a future superstar of the NBA. It would also be their first endorser that isn’t from the Ball family itself.

“No, I’m not going to pursue nobody,” he said according to Logan Newman of USA Today. “Like I said, I worry about my three boys first.”

LaVar Ball is known to be a very out there man who has such high expectations and opinions about his sons and their basketball careers. Arrogance may be the perfect way to describe LaVar, the father of Lakers star Lonzo Ball had just one more thing to say about Zion Williamson.

“My boys are bigger than Zion!” Ball said.

It may be just a bit of tongue and cheek but when it comes to LaVar Ball, who knows.