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LaVar Ball: 'Lonzo Ball Made Kyle Kuzma. Zion Williamson Would Be Running And Jumping For Nothing Without Lonzo Ball'

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LaVar Ball is unstoppable right now. That man never misses a chance to make a headline and he doesn't care about who he attacks to do so. He's been taking shots at Zion Williamson lately and he doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. The last sample of this came when he was talking about Zion and his son Lonzo, who are teammates in New Orleans.

LaVar joined Complex’s “Load Management” podcast to try to get some hype around his boy Lonzo at the expense of Zion. This kid has been followed by the media since his days in Duke, but for LaVar, Zion wouldn't be anything today if he wasn't for Lonzo and their association in NOLA while taking a shot at the Lakers and Kyle Kuzma.

“Take my boy out the situation and see how much buzz you get,” Lavar Ball said. “He’d probably still be out for the season.” Ball added that Lonzo’s play was essential to unlocking Zion’s game. “I don’t care how fast you can run and jump, if you ain’t got nobody to get you that ball, guess what you going to be doing? Running and jumping out there for nothing.”

"Look what happened to Kuzma (this year). They thought I was crazy when I was telling them Lonzo made Kuzma."

Even though Lonzo saw how his numbers got better this season, it's crazy to say he's the reason why Zion is so sought-after. The rookie sensation is the most exciting young players in the league since LeBron James and Lonzo did nothing to make that happen.

It's fair to say they've created a big duo in New Orleans but that came after Ball was traded from the Lakers to the Pelicans and Zion got drafted last year.

LaVar is always trying to put his sons above anybody, but that'll be hard this time.