LaVar Ball On Lakers Championship: “I’m Glad They Won. Lakers Is Always My Team Because I’m From LA. You’ve Got The Two Best Players. You’re Supposed To Win.”

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(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

LaVar Ball has said some pretty outlandish things in the past -- it's one of the things that made him most famous throughout his son, Lonzo, tenure in Los Angeles ended.

And while both he and the rest of the Ball family have stepped out from the LA spotlight, it hasn't yet canceled LaVar's loyalty to the Purple and Gold. Speaking on "Club Shay Shay" with FOX Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe, Mr. Ball gave his thoughts on the Lakers and his reaction to their impressive title run.

“Heck no. They in the bubble. They’re in the bubble and all this stuff goes right. Like I told them, they need to send me a Thank You card on the fact that I gave incentive to win. I said they’d never ever, ever, ever win. You know they was talking about that the whole year. What did you say last year that somebody remembers? That’s how I be living in people’s heads…just so they can say ‘I told you that you was wrong.’ I still go to bed, take me a nap, eat my donuts and I don’t think about nothing. They’ve been thinking about this for a whole year.

I’m glad they won. Lakers is always my team because I’m from LA. But the success that they had, I mean you’re in the bubble playing in the same place. You’ve got the two best players. You’re supposed to win.”

Indeed, it would have been a monumental disappointment if the Lakers walked away without a title in the 2020 playoffs.

The combined powers of LeBron James and Anthony Davis gave the team Championship expectations, which the Lakers were obviously able to match.

As for LaVar wanting a "thank you" for giving them an "incentive," he shouldn't hold his breath. The only incentive that team needed was putting a ring on their finger.

With his sons now sitting in Charlotte and New Orleans, we definitely haven't heard the last of the "Big Baller Father," but his interview with Shannon gave a lot of people hope that we might see a calmer, more sensical side of him.