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LaVar Ball On LaMelo Ball Winning MVP This Season: "Do I Think He Can Win It? No! I Know He Can Win It."

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LaMelo Ball

LaMelo Ball has had many fans from the moment he stepped for into the league, and for good reason. Many were high on his potential due to his versatile game and insane ability to pass the ball. Most expected him to make strides after his rookie year.

During the 2021-22 season, LaMelo Ball has largely delivered on expectations, and he has been playing at a very high level. He is currently averaging 19.4 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 8.0 APG while shooting 37.8% from beyond the arc. Offensively, it is obvious that he is playing at an All-Star level.

While it is quite possible that LaMelo Ball will become one of the players to get their first All-Star nod this season, it seems as though some think he can reach even greater heights. LaVar Ball has recently claimed that he knows that LaMelo Ball can win the award this season.

Do I think he can win it? No. I know he can win it... Let me ask you this... remember you was talking about New Jersey, who was you talking about before Durant got there. See how your head is swimming?... You talking about Charlotte why? You tell me who the MVP is.

There is no doubt that LaMelo Ball has made the Charlotte Hornets into one of the more exciting teams in the league. They are currently the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference, with a 13-9 record. That has been a good start for the team, and there is potential for them to get even better as the season continues.

LaMelo Ball has the makings and traits of a future superstar. While it is unlikely that he wins the MVP this season, it could happen in the future. Regardless, the future is bright for the young point guard, and hopefully, we see him bring the Charlotte Hornets back to the playoffs this season.