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LaVar Ball Responds To The Lonzo Trade Rumors

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When the whispers first crept up about Lonzo possibly being mentioned in some trade offers this season, we knew it wouldn't take LaVar long to speak up about it.

And he hasn't disappointed. Right on queue, in an appearance earlier this week on ESPN’s Jalen and Jacoby, Mr. Ball reacted to the rumors regarding his son.

“I react to that the same way I told ’em before: If you want to trade my son, trade him. It’ll be the worst move you do in your entire life, so I don’t worry about no trade. I figure everybody’s going to be where they supposed to be.”

While this statement reeks of a meg-Dad ego, it might not be entirely false.

While Lonzo has struggled to shoot and score the ball, he's become a bit of an expert at the little things. Playing team defense, reading the passing lanes, setting up teammates, positioning for rebounds -- he's got some talent in that regard.

If Lonzo can develop a shot, and add that to his intangible-mastered game, we're talking about some serious value as a player.

Of course, that's a big "if." No doubt, it'll take some more time for Zo to figure it out. But if he does, and the Lakers trade him before finding out, it could prove disastrous for the legendary franchise.