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LaVar Ball Says He Could Coach The Lakers With His Eyes Closed


Guess who's back! None other than your favorite sports dad, LaVar Ball!

The father of Lonzo Ball has stayed strangely quiet ever since LeBron James signed with the Lakers, but after a disappointing start to their 2018-19 campaign, of course, LaVar has had to have his say.

Speaking to Sky Sports' Declan Olley, Ball believes he can do a better job than current coach Luke Walton with his eyes closed.

"If you have Lonzo and you have the best player in the world which is LeBron James, how do you not win a Championship?

"My prediction for this season is the Championship. If they need help to shoot I'll coach them. I can coach them with my eyes closed. There's only one way to beat the Golden State Warriors is to go faster than them. If you have length and speed you can beat them."

LaVar isn't unqualified either to speak on issues regarding coaching, as if you remember, Ball has coaching experience with all three of his son's high school basketball team's, as well as in Lithuania earlier this year for both LiAngelo and LaMelo.

So if the Lakers are ever looking for a replacement for Luke Walton...