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LaVar Ball Says He Wanted The Lakers To Trade Lonzo Ball, He Wanted His Son On The Pelicans

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Ever since Lonzo Ball was traded away to the New Orleans Pelicans in part of the deal that helped get Anthony Davis to the Lakers, LaVar Ball has been everywhere sharing his opinion on the matter. The father of Lonzo now has a new claim and it sure does sound ridiculous.

LaVar claims that his over-the-top antics were actually his plan all along to get Lonzo traded from the Lakers. This was all announced when Ball sat down with ESPN’s First Take where he opened up about his so-called ‘plan’ to get his son away from the Los Angeles franchise.

"That's exactly what I wanted to do!" Ball said when explaining his side to things to Stephen A. Smith. "One of the best teams he'll play for is New Orleans."

"I already knew it was going to happen... It's exactly what I wanted," Ball continued. "They said—you haters—check this out. 'We got rid of Lonzo and LaVar.' Guess what? I been here before the Lakers. LaVar ain't going no where. Lonzo going to NOLA, but I'll still be in L.A. so you'll still be able to see me."

It’s just such a bizarre reaction to have after originally going off on the Lakers for their decision to trade Lonzo, declaring the franchise would never win another franchise again and they would regret the decision to trade his son.

"I guarantee... it will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life," Ball said when asked his opinion about the trade. "They will never win another championship. Guarantee it."

LaVar is known for his out-there personality and constantly making outlandish statements, it makes it quite hard to believe everything he says. Only LaVar will know the real truth but it’s most likely that he wanted his son to stay in Los Angeles and continue his career with LeBron James and hopefully contend for a championship.

If the Lakers do make a run for the championship this season, I’m sure everyone will be waiting to hear what LaVar Ball has to say next.