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LaVar Ball Says He'd Be Able To Beat LeBron James 1-On-1


LaVar Ball has become well-known in the basketball world, not just because he's the father of three young stars, or because of his sports brand BBB (Big Baller Brand), but he is highly known for his big mouth and outrageous remarks. One of LaVar's most outlandish claims we all know of was when Michael Jordan was mentioned.

“Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one." - March, 2017.

You would think LaVar could've been an NBA superstar if he says he can beat Michael Jordan. With no video evidence to display his talent, seems to be quite unlikely.

LaVar is up to his old tricks again however, making a similar remark recently about another 1-on-1 challenge. With LeBron now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, LaVar has been asked many questions about The King and the impact he would have on the city, the team, and his son Lonzo.

While in an interview with Fanatics View, LaVar parroted what he's been saying about MJ the entire time he's been in the basketball spotlight: He'd destroy LeBron.

"Me and Lebron one-on-one? He too weak. Back in my heyday, can't nobody hold me. 270? 255? ... I'll rip all of them up off their feet."

You can either love or hate the father of the Ball family. Some may find him entertaining, while others find him straight irritating. Even though he can say ridiculous statements, he is a great family man which would win the respect of LeBron James.