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LaVar Ball Says Lonzo Ball Can't Learn Anything From LeBron James

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

LaVar Ball has never been the one to keep his opinions to himself and with LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers for this up and coming season, LaVar has done a lot of talking.

Recently on Power 106 Radio in Los Angeles, host J Cruz was shocked with how LaVar responded after he suggested that his son Lonzo Ball could benefit from having such a great player like LeBron playing alongside him with the Lakers this season.

“He can’t learn nothing from Lonzo, and Lonzo can’t learn nothing from him,” LaVar said. “What they gotta do is win together. They both know how to win, so that’s the main thing.”

LaVar is so confident in his son’s ability and continued the radio interview by saying this new Lakers side is certainly not LeBron’s team, It’s Lonzo’s team.

“How is it going to be LeBron’s team? He ain’t homegrown,” said LaVar. “You say what you want but we know what it is… Lonzo didn’t go to Cleveland. LeBron came over here. We already over here.”

It may be LeBron James’ first season in L.A. but everyone knows that LeBron is going to dominate and take over on the court no matter what jersey he has on or no matter what city his playing in. Lonzo has a very long way to go to even compare with one of the greatest players of the modern era and his shooting statistics speaks volumes of how far behind he really is. Lonzo shot a disappointing 36 percent from the field, not to mention a very low 45.1 percent from the foul line.

Either way, it should be very interesting to see how Lonzo and LeBron get along both on and off the court. However, we may be waiting a little longer to see Lonzo back at full strength as he is still recovering from a knee injury that kept him out of a large chunk for the 2018 season.

LaVar Ball will keep the Lonzo hype train rolling for as long as he can but this year, it’s time for the young guard to set up and make his mark and play an important role for the Lakers.