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LaVar Ball Says Zion Williamson Needs To Learn How To Play

LaVar Ball Says Zion Williamson Needs To Learn How To Play

It’s fair to say that LaVar Ball is quite heated and agitated right now as he attempts to process the massive trade that sent his son to the New Orleans Pelicans and brought LeBron James and Anthony Davis together in Los Angeles.

The Pelicans hold the first pick of the 2019 Draft and we can assume that they will choose college sensation, Zion Williamson with that pick. The Duke young star has received many comparisons to LeBron James. Now Lonzo Ball will most likely get the chance to play alongside Zion in New Orleans.

However, LaVar Ball isn’t believing into all the hype about the former Duke star just yet. The father of Lonzo says he doesn’t have any concerns because Lonzo can “play with anyone,” he also went on to say that Williamson has “gotta learn how to play.”

It can’t be officially answered until we actually get to see Zion play against the best of the best in the NBA but from everything we’ve seen so far, there’s no reason why he can’t become one of the superstars of the game.

We can’t take too much of what LaVar says seriously as his bias towards his family can come across as ridiculous at times. There’s plenty of room for improvement for Lonzo and he has shown a lot of talent but it certainly doesn’t compare to one of the best players in the league in Anthony Davis. It’s hard to criticise the Lakers for what they managed in the draft considering AD’s talent and still young age.

LaVar Ball will remain unhappy with the decision but maybe this is what Lonzo needs to take the next step in his NBA career.

One thing is sure, this is gonna be fun.