LaVar Ball Selects The Most Powerful Starting Five Ever

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LaVar Ball Selects The Most Powerful Starting Five Ever

LaVar Ball has selected his All-Time starting lineup and it looks incredibly dominant. The controversial former athlete picked some good names to have a balanced, well-rounded team and the result is just great. During a recent interview with former NFL star-turned-analyst Shannon Sharpe, Ball had the chance to talk about different topics, including the GOAT debate, his son LaMelo making it to the league and more.

At some point, he was asked to put together the greatest starting lineup of all time and he didn't hesitate, choosing players that dominated the game in their eras and left a mark on the game due to their achievements and performances (1:10:00 mark).

"You know you got Mike [Jordan], you got [Magic] Johnson, you got Shaquille [O'Neal], you gotta have a shooter so I gotta put Oscar, Oscar Robertson out there. And then you got LeBron. (...) These boys all can do their thing, and you got a seven-footer that can run with you, the most powerful in the NBA ever."

Even though he's perceived as a fool by a lot of people in the league, LaVar knows his thing. He put together a very good group of players that would be a complete nightmare for anybody in the league. Led by LeBron James and Michael Jordan, that squad would be anybody in front of them. Although Oscar Robertson is not the most popular choice for these hypothetical teams, he was considered one of the greatest by a lot of players during the 80s and 90s.

You can tell LaVar is from that generation thanks to this selection. Knowing him and his personality, in a couple of years he will be putting his sons on those hypothetical teams.