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LaVar Ball Slams Detroit Pistons: “The People In Detroit Are Great. I Love The Fans, But The Franchise Over There Is Raggedy As Hell. They Don't Know A Good Player. I Was Giving Them A Lottery Pick For Free!”

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(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LaVar Ball is one name that fans have gotten used to seeing on NBA media. The leader of the Ball family has no qualms with voicing what's on his mind, especially towards his sons. The Ball family may have been famous before the NBA, but even with his sons in the league, LaVar hasn't changed his confidence and ability to be outspoken.

LiAngelo Ball is someone who LaVar believes should be in the NBA, like his other two sons. The brothers all played together and could hang against each other, so it is possible that LiAngelo Ball could succeed at the NBA level. LiAngelo Ball spent some time with the Detroit Pistons, before being waived along with a couple of other players.

Being waived doesn't mean that LiAngelo Ball's career in the NBA is over, it just means that he would have to play in the G-League and earn his way up. Bleacher Report talked to the eldest Ball in the family, and he wasn't too pleased with the Pistons' decision to part ways with his son. Hoop Central's tweet summarized the event.

LaVar Ball is allowed to be upset after the waiving: after all, LiAngelo is his son. What is more interesting is LaVar's continued confidence in his son: in the picture, he is quoted as saying that LiAngelo Ball is a "lottery pick" that was being given to the franchise for free. LaVar Ball also blasted the franchise, calling them "raggedy".

While we have yet to see if LiAngelo Ball will succeed at the NBA level, LaVar Ball seems very confident about his chances. We'll just have to wait and see the results.