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LaVar Ball Speaks On Relationship With LeBron James

LaVar Ball Speaks On Relationship With LeBron James

LaVar ball has become well known in the Basketball World, not just because he is a father of three young stars, or his sports brand BBB (Big Baller Brand), but he is highly known for his big mouth and outrages remarks.

One of LaVars outlandish claims we all know of when Michael Jordan was mentioned. He said:

“Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one.” on March 2017

A relatively big call out from Lavar, since MJ is the greatest of all time in the majority of people's eyes. Some may find his remarks rather funny and entertaining but others find him annoying and should stop with these comments. It hasn’t interfered with his son Lonzo Ball’s career yet, so it could be a great marketing scheme as they promote the BBB brand with all the clothes they way.

With a massive free agency, we see one of the greatest players in NBA history, LeBron James, make his move the LA Lakers to join Lonzo Ball and his Father. A reporter asked LaVar on the relationship he will have when LeBron arrives in LA with the team. Here is what he had to say, per editor-in-chief Harrison Faigen from LakersSBN:

It seems the media has made it out for people to believe LaVar will cause controversy with LeBron and the Lakers. However, both LaVar and LeBron are proud fathers and want to see their sons perform well. They may get along friendly with each other or cause sparks together and ruin chemistry within the team. We will find out when the 2018-19 season starts.