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LaVar Ball Thinks He Could Beat Zion Williamson 1 On 1: 'I’ll Murder That Boy. He Too Small… He Too Slow."

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

LaVar Ball has never been one lacking in self-confidence. The guy isn't afraid of anything and won't back down from any challenge including, it seems, guarding young basketball phenomenon Zion Williamson.

The community has made a big deal of his size and strength -- and they should. The dude is 6-6 and weighs almost 300 pounds.

But for LaVar, none of that seems to matter. In an appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, he was asked if he could beat Zion in a game of basketball, His response was exactly what you'd expect.

“Stop it. I’ll murder that boy. He too small…he too slow. I’m way too fast for that boy. He’s a youngster man. My prime time I would kill him. I’m way too strong and fast.”

He was then asked if he could have handled playing against Williamson during Ball's time in Washington State.

LaVar: “Well definitely if I had a different coach he’d be struggling against me. But with Kelvin Sampson? Oh he would kill us.

Host: “Wait, are you trying to get your former coach fired?”

LaVar: “Former coach fired? He should have been fired. After you don’t let the Big Baller play for a season? That’s when they had their worst season when I averaged 2.2 points. I only played 2.2 seconds. If I played longer, they would have been winners. But that’s on the fact that he wanted to show how tough he is and not play a stallion. You have to let a stallion loose. And that’s why their record was terrible.”

You can never say the guy doesn't speak what's on his mind.

Since the emergence of the Ball family, talking big has always been a part of their MO. From LaVar down to LaMelo, you can always expect them to hype themselves up.

In this case, nobody is really buying the idea that LaVar would stand a chance against a young and powerful Zion Williamson. But kudos to him to believing it himself.